#  Certificates Obtained by the Company


          * The company has got experience in the field of inspection and is in a possession

            of ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.

           * Certificate of Credit from the National Center for Libyan Specifications and

      Standards ISO 17020.

          *  Member in the World Grain Organization GAFTA

           * Insurance: the company has an insurance policy against

       vocational and civil faults.


               The company performs inspection activities both outside and inside

                Libya’s seaports including customs clearance measures

                (as per client’s request) and shipment up to the goods arriving

                at your stores.

               As the company is keen to execute works assigned thereto in

               a scientific way up to the satisfaction of the client, it constantly

               provides him with information and reports relating to the inspection

               as per request through telephone, E-mail, by hand or by fax.

               Those reports meet standard conditions of the modernist work methods.

               The company has previously executed private and public contracts successfully.

 The company has gained the.confidence of numerous public entities...


The company is operating in conformity with the systems adopted ..  


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