Our Services (Sections belonging to the Company: Inspecting all kinds of products. The company is operating in

              conformity with the systems adopted by local and international inspection companies with an integrated quality

               management system as per the international specification ISO 9001:2008.

                There 4 sections in the company. These are:

           1)    Oil Inspection Section: This section inspects crude oil and all derivatives

           2)    Medicine Inspection Section: This section inspects medicines (for human beings and veterinary)

           3)    General Materials Inspection Section: This section inspects electrical and mechanical equipment 

                 including medical equipments and instruments, furniture and building materials and matters relating thereto.

           4)    Food-stuff Inspection Section: This section inspects food-stuff, fodder, wheat, barley and all matters

                relating thereto.


         Inspection before industrialization

   üApparent test of raw materials and checking shipments with regard to quantity, type, quality, 

               packing-up at production sites.

   üDocumentary inspection on the origin of goods verifying their sources and conformity 

             to contracted specifications.

       Specimen and Tests:

   üTaking specimen in accordance with the adopted standard scientific   methods in taking specimen

   üSubjecting the specimen to preliminary and apparent check and making primary laboratory tests

            to identify the proportions of materials and their properties.

   üFinal Confirmatory Tests: This is done by sending the specimen to the specialized scientific 

           laboratory having ISO Certificate 17025.

         Inspection on Stores and Production Sites:

   üChecking the supplier’s stores and their storing suitability.

   üChecking the building and machineries used in the factory with regard to

         Inspection at production site:

   üApparent test of shipment

   üVerification of weights and quantities

   üTaking specimen and making primary tests

   üVerification of non violation of the analyses results to the contracted technical terms

            and specifications and standard specification in that regard or health and public safety conditions.

   üSupervising the packing operations

   üApparent check on packages and extent of their conformity to the demonstration data

   üChecking packing cases with regard to cleanliness and suitability to the approved conditions.

        Supervising Means of Shipping:

   üChecking means of transport (as per the type of means of transport by road or by sea)

             before shipping operation to verify that they are free of insects, to verify their age and validity to

             ship the product, their cleanliness as well as making primary tests on all means of transport 

             before shipping the goods and as for vessels to check water leakage inside wards.

        Supervising the product at shipment:

   üSupervision and follow-up methods of loading and cargo handling at ports of loading.

   üApparent check to shipment.

   üConcentrating on marks and numbers of means of transport and follow-up of loading

            and shipment with regard to “Loading, stowage, weight, fixing the company’s marks and closing

            containers with the company’s wax seal.

   üSupervising the arrangement operations inside means of transport.

   üTaking specimen and making tests

   üPreparation of Inspection Reports.

   üIssuance of Certificate relating to the shipment in accordance with the Inspectors’ 

              Reports and Analyses Results.









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The company is operating in conformity with the systems adopted ..  


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